contacts and working hours
Republic of Crimea, Simferopol,
Archaeological street, 1

Address by phones:

(Rus) Стоимость взрослого билета - 150 руб., стоимость экскурсии в группе до 6 человек - 300 руб.
You can get:
(Rus) Маршрутные такси: № 4,93 (от ж/д вокзала, Центрального рынка, парка им. Тренева),
№ 85 (Парк им. Тренева) до конечной "Неаполь Скифский".

Archaeological expedition

We invite everyone interested in the ancient history of the Crimea to take part in the excavations.

Since 2011, the Museum-reserve implements an extensive program of archaeological research
and preservation of monuments of the late Scythian culture of the foothill Crimea.

Annually organizes summer and fall archaeological expedition.

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